CARE’s work in Egypt began in 1954 with the introduction of a nationwide school meals program. Since then, CARE has become actively involved in development programming particularly in Upper Egypt, where more than 50 percent of the nation’s poor live.

Today, CARE Egypt works to promote and support quality education and girls’ leadership, more effective and equitable natural resource management to enhance rural livelihoods, effective governance and civic engagement, and equitable social protection for vulnerable groups – especially women.

CARE works with beneficiaries, civil society organizations, government, aid agencies, networks, community-based associations and the increasingly socially aware Egyptian private sector.

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In addition, CARE is working in Egypt to help refugees fleeing violence in Syria.


CARE and Cargill combat food insecurity globally

CARE has been partnering with Cargill, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, for more than 50 years to improve food and nutrition security by strengthening rural communities.


CARE and Cargill renew partnership to combat food insecurity globally

CARE and Cargill’s partnership of more than fifty years is a testament to the values we share. Over the past eight years, this partnership has helped improve the lives of more than 300,000 people around the world.


A Pound Is Better Than a Groom

Sherihan is 24 years old and lives in the village of Abou Awad with her mother, father and four siblings. Sherihan graduated from a technical secondary school, but all of her siblings are students at different academic levels, and because of this, there are many expenses.


‘I Have Retrieved My Dream’

KL* is a 17-year-old Syrian adolescent who moved to Cairo after the war began in Syria. Like most Syrians who were forced to leave their homes under such circumstances, he remembers the exact date he left: Nov. 13, 2012. He was only 14. 


Foreign Policy: Egypt’s Generation Lost

A CARE Egypt survey about illiteracy rates in the country was featured in a Foreign Policy article analyzing the woes of Egypt’s education system.  



Martin Gains Confidence and His Family’s Love

Martin Kamel, is a young man in his early twenties who grew up in Minya. He, as many youth living in Upper Egypt, started to take family responsibilities at an early age. He was forced by his father to drop out of school at an early age and start earning his own bread and butter.


Rasha Breaks her Silence

In the governorate of Minya, lives Rasha Ismail of 25 years with her family. She describes her life in the past as a neglected family member, who nobody cared to ask about her opinion on any matter, even if it was of relevant to her.


Syrian Refugees in Egypt: “See the Sun Rising?”

Heba is a beautiful young woman in her late twenties. A blue head scarf with flowers frames her soft face and her fierce light brown eyes, colored with eyeliner and mascara. She wears light jeans and a long blue dress.