CARE has operated in Guatemala since 1959 and has developed an extensive working relationship with agencies in the public and private sectors.



CARE´s Holistic Approach to Change

A door opens to change the world, for girls, their mothers and fathers, for their communities.

School is perhaps the only place where girls and boys living in a remote area of Nahuala in the Guatemalan western highlands, can be children, play and communicate with friends and teachers.


Why I do What I Do

My country of Guatemala is affected by many diverse challenges, and unfortunately in rural areas where the resources are the most needed, the challenges are the greatest. 


Manuela, 13

“I want to be a teacher,” is what thirteen-year-old Manuela Regina Gomez Guarchaj will answer when asked what she would like to be when she grows up. And during a recent art contest organized by Hain Celestial and CARE, this is exactly what Manuela drew; herself as a teacher.


Pascuala, 12

Pascuala Guachiac Ixquer is twelve-years-old, and lives with her family in the remote community of Chirijcalbal, in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Pascuala has two younger brothers, Francisco and Ronaldo who run around bothering her as younger brothers often do.


Qach'umilal: Unlocking Powerful Potential

Millions of girls are out of school in the developing world. Violence, hunger, child marriage, or simply the belief that girls aren’t worth teaching are barriers that keep them from getting an education.


Republican Congressional Representatives Travel with CARE to Visit Maternal Health Programs in Guatemala

Members of Congress see how U.S. development investments are resulting in healthier moms and families


Congressman Jeff Fortenberry - Fort Report: Two Pathways

Rep. Fortenberry of  Nebraska, who recently traveled with CARE, writes  about the importance of foreign aid after visiting programs in Guatemala and Honduras. “We benefit economically when there is fair and smart exchange with other countries.”