2014 Recap: A Dire Year for Syrian Refugees

CARE looks back on the last 12 months working with Syrian refugees. 

SYRIA: Images From Inside

An illustration of the life Syrian refugees left behind, images shared with CARE Syrian refugee volunteers, as captured by their family who have remained behind.

Young Voices From Syria

We asked five young Syrian refugees to share their dreams and a message to the world. What they had to say was both heartbreaking and inspiring.

More than 2.8 million people have fled the country

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Country Info

In Lebanon, CARE has set up operations in 2013 to support the growing needs of Syrian refugees. Over the next two years, our emergency response includes:

  • Supporting refugees to seek assistance so that they are able to address their immediate needs;
  • Providing access to shelter for newly arrived refugees and crisis-displaced families;
  • Assisting refugees and host communities with livelihood opportunities and vocational training that will help them earn a living;
  • Supporting refugees and host communities with access to water and sanitation;
  • Ensuring support for host communities that have been overwhelmed by the crisis; and
  • Providing psychosocial support, protecting the rights of vulnerable women and helping prevent gender-based violence.

Download the country factsheet 

Our Work in Lebanon

Child Poverty

Half of all children live in poverty, spending their formative years struggling to survive.  

Poverty & Social Justice

Everyone in the world has the right to a life free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

Child Marriage

Child marriage is a gross human rights violation that puts young girls at great risk.

Latest News from LebanonSyria

Syria Crisis: "We want to return..."

Q&A With CARE Lebanon’s Country Director

Bernard Borkhosh answers questions about the crisis in Syria and what CARE is currently doing in Lebanon to help the more than 1.2 million Syrian refugees now living there.

Lebanon: Social Cohesion Study

A Pair of Sneakers and a Smile

Early on a warm Thursday morning in May, my colleague Rouwaida and I drove from Beirut to CARE’s office in Mount Lebanon. Two months ago, Syrian refugees and CARE staff ran the Dead Sea to Red Sea marathon in Jordan and raised more than $25,000. Using a portion of that money, we were able to distribute vouchers for clothes to families with children living in a collective shelter called “Silver Star,” Ketermaya and Dalhoun informal tented settlement. “Silver Star,” a former school, is home to 35 refugee families from Syria. Each of the 267 children there received a voucher to buy clothes...

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2014: A Dire Year for Syrian Refugees

CARE aid worker Johanna Mitscherlich looks back on 12 months of working with Syrian refugees – and pays tribute to their resilience and the small acts of humanity that can make a big...

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A Syrian Refugee Story: When Life Takes a Turn

"Life does not always turn out the way we have planned it. A few years back I could have never imagined that my 14 year old son would be working to provide for us instead of going to school,"...

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“We need more than just words”

Storm Micha is threatening overhead with dark clouds and the beginnings of high winds and precipitation as I visit CARE Lebanon’s work with a municipality on the outskirts of Tripoli. I stand in...

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Better Hygiene means a Better Life

Many Syrian refugees in the region struggle with harsh water and sanitation conditions, especially with the weather becoming colder. CARE helps by installing water and sanitation facilities,...

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International Children’s Day: Investing in a refugee child’s future means investing in Syria’s future

Salam Kanaan, Country Director of CARE Jordan, writes about the daily struggle of refugee children in Jordan who have to work to make ends meet. When we think of an 11-year-old we most...

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In Syria and Neighboring Countries “winter puts Syrian families at risk of disease and death”

AMMAN - As another harsh winter season approaches in the Middle East, CARE International calls for the immediate release of further funding to support millions of people caught up in the conflict in Syria and in neighbouring countries.

“The current funding gap puts millions at risk of disease and death,” says Holly Solberg, Regional Director for CARE’s Syria Response. To date, the UN funding appeals to support Syrians in need (SHARP and RRP) have been only half way financed. CARE’s own appeal has only been funded 25 percent. “Many refugees cannot afford to buy...

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Fact Sheet:Syria Crisis: CARE’s response in Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt

June 2012 through March 2014

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Daily Struggle of Syrian Refugee Girls

The crisis in Syria is in its fourth year now. With International Day of the Girl approaching on 11 October, CARE is highlighting strong young girls who had to flee their home country and are...

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