CARE Chef Advocates

Spike Mendelsohn: CARE Advocate

Bravo "Top Chef" contestant and Washington D.C. chef Spike Mendelsohn explains how he became a CARE advocate.

Renowned Chefs Fighting Against Global Hunger

Learn about Chefs Spike Mendelsohn, Mike Isabella, Asha Gomez and Victor Albisu's recent tour with CARE to Peru.

Chefs Advocating for CARE

Following their trip to Peru, the CARE chefs have been active in advocating on behalf of the poor and working in partnership with CARE to create policy changes.

About the Trip

Food is global, connecting all of us. And in nearly every culture, people make deep connections over food, binding them closer together, bite by bite.  But more than 842 million people around the world do not have enough food to eat.

CARE is working with renowned chefs in the fight against global hunger.

Chefs Spike Mendelsohn, Mike Isabella, Asha Gomez and Victor Albisu traveled with CARE to Peru to see how investments in sustainable agriculture, women’s empowerment and better nutrition are paying off with higher incomes and improved family health. The hands-on trip also gave them a chance to feel, hear and taste the progress.


Owner of Cardamom Hill and Spice to Table in Atlanta, says that chefs don’t just change menus. They change minds. Asha Gomez is participating in the Live Below the Line challenge where she will eat on less than $1.50 a day.


A half Peruvian chef and owner of Del Campo and Taco Bamba in the Washington D.C. area. During his trip to Peru with CARE, he cooked traditional dishes with students at his culinary alma mater Le Cordon Bleu.


The owner of Good Stuff Eatery, We, The Pizza and Béarnaise, just steps away from Capitol Hill. This year, he helped CARE by meeting with congressional offices to advocate for U.S. food aid reform.


A two-time Top Chef alum and owner of Graffiato, Kapnos and G in Washington D.C. Mike was able to cook with the village women benefiting from CARE’s micro-loan program in Peru.

Tackling Hunger and Food Insecurity

 It’s time to think differently about hunger. The time is ripe for United States leadership on global food security.

Food and Nutrition Security for All

Hunger is a complex problem and calls for a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of hunger and malnutrition.

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Make the Connection

Food aid reforms will help feed millions more each year.

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CARE Chefs Featured in the News

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Asha Gomez: CARE Advocate

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Advocacy Dinner

CARE Chefs host advocacy dinner in Houston.

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Meet The Entrepreneur

Carina Nicolas Zamora

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Press Release

A Q&A with CARE Chefs and Plant It Forward


At a time when we can buy stuff online by pushing a button and have it at our doorstep within two days, it’s hard to imagine having to wait up to four months for your...

The U.S. spends about $2 billion a year to feed the world’s poor. But could this food aid be hurting people more than it’s helping them? Ronan Farrow reports from Kenya.

CARE advocates across the country wrote in to their local newspapers in support of farm bill reforms that would improve how food aid is distributed around the world. ...

Take Action

Food aid reform could allow lifesaving assistance to reach up to 4 million more people each year without costing taxpayers a more penny.

Steal these stats

Steal These Stats98% of the world's hungry live in developing countries. #CAREchefs
Steal These Stats1 out of every 6 children in the developing world is underweight. #CAREchefs
Steal These Stats66 million children go to school hungry in the developing world
Steal These Stats842 million people worldwide don't have enough to eat. #CAREchefs