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South Sudan appears to be sliding back into war

LA Times reported on South Sudan’s heavy fighting in Juba, South Sudan’s capitol. “No one wants to leave. But the situation has gotten so dangerous and unpredictable here,”...


Rollingout: CARE’s Joyce Adolwa speaks up for girls’ education at the State of Women Summit.

Joyce Adolwa, CARE’s director of education programming, spoke to about her role at the first-ever United State of Women Summit.


NPR: Aid Groups In Ethiopia Reshape Approach In New Era Of Climate Change

A widespread drought – the worst in 50 years - is severely impacting Ethiopia.  NPR Correspondent Gregory Warner traveled to the country to learn how the population of mostly...


Yahoo News: Former WWII refugees send letters of hope to Syrians

Gunter Nitsch, a former WWII refugee recalls being forced to live in labor camps and illegally crossing in Germany to a refugee camp. But he also remembers the hope he felt...


WSBTV: CARE Package turns 70 years old

The term “CARE package” was coined 70 years ago when CARE sent its  first shipment of packages of food to WWII survivors in 1946. Over 100 million packages have been packed...


NPR's The Salt: Care Packages: How the U.S. Won Hearts Through Stomachs After WWII

Renate Senter remembers receiving her first CARE package with vivid detail. The 77-year-old, once a WWII refugee, received the packages of food and other life-saving supplies...


Associated Press: WWII Survivor Living in Florida Helps Syrian Refugee

Renate Senter recalls what life was like as a 5-year-old WWII refugee. She remembers hiding under stairways and the sounds of war. One memory stands out. That is the day she...


Marketplace: Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the first CARE packages sent to Europe

On May 11, 1946, the tradition of sending CARE packages began. Those first boxes of food and supplies that Americans sent to WWII refugees in Europe were delivered to...


Associated Press: Today in History

The history of the CARE package was the lead item in the Associated Press’ “Today in History” feature on May 11.

5/11/16 Here's what was inside the first-ever 'Care Package' published a story about the history of the CARE Package. The story featured an interview with Renate Senter, of the original CARE package recipients who described...