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Ronan Farrow Daily - How American Food Aid Can Hurt Local Farmers (video)

How American food aid can hurt local farmers


CBS Atlanta - Atlanta Chef Stands With CARE to Eliminate Malnutrition, Hunger in Peru

An Atlanta chef hopes to help transform lives and raise awareness of communities struggling around the world through CARE.


The Nation (Malawi) - Dowa Women on the Rise

When Ediliya heard about a network of women established to empower them to stand up and challenge certain practices that hinder their progress in life, she joined it.


CARE Supporters Advocate for Food Aid Reform

Check out these great letters to the editor by members of the CARE Action Network.


WSB-TV: CARE Learning Tour (video)

CARE is grooming a new set of global ambassadors fighting hunger with a new view of food.


The Kojo Nnamdi Show - Foreign Food Aid And The Farm Bill (audio)

We explore where food aid fits into U.S. diplomatic strategy, and how this new legislation affects, and doesn't affect, the status quo.


The Huffington Post — Helene Gayle, Kathy Calvin, & Lori Harnick Talk Gender Inequality At Davos

Microsoft's Lori Harnick, CARE USA President and CEO Helene Gayle and United Nations Foundation President and CEO Kathy Calvin sat down together with HuffPost Live at Davos.


The Guardian – Humanitarian Groups Demand Action to Alleviate Suffering of Syrians

Seven humanitarian and human rights organizations call for international community to 'stand up for the people of Syria'.


Bloomberg BusinessWeek – In Davos, Soros and Others Focus on Syria

In the Alpine village of Davos, heads of seven aid groups jointly appealed for humanitarian relief.


Womenetics – Helene Gayle Talks Partnerships [video]

Dr. Helene Gayle, president and CEO of CARE USA, shares how to build strong relationships that create long-lasting change.