KGBV Education Builds Responsible Youngsters

Written By: Sharon Panackal

I met Mohini Singh, a KGBV teacher who teaches science, computers and art, at a KGBV in the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. She has been working at the school since 2011, and is one of the full time teachers who live with the students in their dormitories. Although she had not been away from her family before, Mohini decided to take the opportunity to be a teacher at the girls-only school.

Mohini treats the students with great compassion so they will not be afraid to open up to her. Sometimes when her students get too competitive, even to the extent of hiding others’ notebooks, she takes care to teach the students that no one can help themselves by dragging others down.

From her experience, the students are often shy and hide behind their guardians when joining the school. It takes them a little while to unburden themselves of their parents’ expectations to stay at home, cook and look after their younger siblings. They study very slowly and are not used to keeping themselves neat. However, within the very first few months, they learn to keep themselves neat with oiled hair, trimmed nails and clean clothes.

With support from Join My Village, CARE trains KGBV teachers to help students learn better through class activities. Mohini says that she has found songs to be a useful tool for students to learn from. Students sometime tutor each other in class, which in turn improves their relationship with one another. Engaging class activities also inspire the students to speak up openly and firmly.

Throughout their three years at KGBV, students’ character changes dramatically as they gain confidence. It is quite common to witness parents coming to the school to share how their kids have positively changed. Mohini says that with each batch of students she notices her students become more responsible and that once the students graduate from KGBV and move home, that sense of maturity is also recognized by their friends and fellow villagers.