Not Letting an Unbendable Leg Bend her Dreams

Written By: Sharon Panackal

Kiran comes from a rural village surrounded by a dense forest that is miles away from the nearest town. The small village’s primary offers children both mid-day meals and uniforms. As a child, Kiran broke her leg and due to inadequate medical attention it did not heal properly and she is no longer able to bend it without excruciating pain. Due to limited mobility, Kiran wasn’t able to attend primary school and she missed out on the chance to gain basic skills.

Kiran’s father saw that his daughter’s chance at a successful future was diminishing every day that she did not attend school. Wanting the best for his child, Kiran’s father enrolled her in the KGBV school supported by CARE in Uttar Pradesh. Kiran quickly adjusted to her new school and instantly made new friends. She quickly learned how to read, write, and count in Hindi. Not only has she excelled in learning, she overcame her leg disability to become an impressive athlete and impeccable dancer. Kiran has gone as far as participating in the district level sports competition as a KGBV student.

Kiran is now a class 7 student at KGBV and dreams of becoming a doctor. In addition to becoming a medical professional, she also wishes to educate the people of her village about the importance of building toilets and keeping themselves and their surroundings clean.

Receiving an education at KGBV has helped Kiran to empower herself. She learned that small things such as her leg disability will not prevent her from reaching her dreams. Because of KGBV, Kiran went from lacking an education, to becoming top of her class. Her dreams will only grow larger.