CARE's Expertise in Water

Water Is a Basic Human Right

The goal of our program is to reduce the health risks of water-related diseases and to increase the earning potential of households.

Give the Gift of Water in Someone's Honor

Visit our gift catalog today and honor someone with a poverty-fighting gift.

What Happens When You Mix Clean Water, Soap and Students?

CARE's Water Work in Action

Tennis star Venus Williams recently visited Kenya to see how CARE and Procter & Gamble are partnering to help women provide clean drinking water for their families.

Water +, and why the + matters

Water+ is about change that is bigger than water, and thus bigger than change that we alone can affect. We address social injustices by connecting water and gender equality to other sectors. Our programming around water multiplies impact across multiple sectors and levels.

Read about WASH PLUS or the LEGAS project in Ethiopia.  You can also look at other projects and approaches below.


SWASH+ Project creates effective and long-lasting solutions for school water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in all Kenyan primary schools. 


WA-WASHimproved water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), but also addressed issues of food security, gender equity and climate change adaptation in 21 communities in Ghana.

Policy and Learning Partners

PLP works with governments and researchers as key partners in an advocacy strategy so we can work together to get things done, instead of focusing on "us vs. them".

Water Smart Agriculture

CARE has coined the term Water Smart Agriculture (WaSA) as part of our SuPER work. Why? Because food security in part depends on increased production of smallholder farmers. What does it look like?