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Cummins Powers Women partners with CARE on the Equal Value, Equal Rights program, which seeks to ensure that domestic workers in Latin America have guaranteed rights to decent working conditions and are free from violence and harassment in their workplace. An estimated 19 million women in Latin America are domestic workers, many of whom receive low wages that leave them and their families in extreme poverty.

Since 2018, CARE with the support of Cummins in Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil and since 2021 in Peru, have worked closely with local partner organizations and with the social movement of domestic workers, to understand the problems they face every day and contribute to the solution. This alliance seeks to strengthen the unions and organizations of domestic workers; apply technology as a tool for their empowerment by creating and disseminating digital mobile applications that promote and increase awareness of their rights; and, through marketing campaigns and alliances, influence behavior of employers and policy-makers responsible for the creation and implementation of policies that improve the working conditions and well-being of domestic workers.

To date, we have trained more than 2,400 domestic workers, developed and improved three smartphone apps, and influenced establishment of policies that support the rights of more than 50,000 domestic workers in the region.