Multi-Asset Approach

Creating Shared Value

At CARE, we seek to build long-term partnerships with companies in which shared values inform a shared vision of a better future for women, girls and their communities. 

Multi-Asset in Action: Cargill

Read more about how CARE and Cargill have built a multi-asset partnership over the years.

Multi-Asset in Action: UPS

See how CARE and UPS are leveraging multiple assets to move the needle in the fight against global poverty.

Policy and Advocacy

CARE works with partners, such as the Nike Foundation, in alignment with the company's core philosophy and objectives to advocate for policies that benefit the people CARE serves.

Employee Engagement

CARE partners with corporations like Pfizer Inc, providing an opportunity for their employees to experience an international “hands on” training that enhances their understanding of key markets where CARE operates. 

Consumer Engagement and Marketing

Consumers support brands they see as good corporate citizens. See how we partnered with Gap to strengthen brand loyalty.

Inclusive Value Chains

Companies source raw commodities. They process them to add value. Then, they sell those goods to consumers. CARE is helping dynamic companies add social value at each step of the way. 

Expertise Sharing

This cross-cutting tool allows us to leverage the core business of partners like Credit Suisse to achieve maximum value in our shared efforts to combat poverty.

Philanthropy and Program Collaboration

Corporate donations that support CARE’s programs around the world allow partners like Walmart to meet their philanthropy goals and partner with CARE to combat poverty.

Social Enterprise

CARE is partnering with several multinational companies and leveraging their business models to advance a primarily social mission, which is both sustainable and scalable.