CARE and H&M Giving Together

CARE and H&M Giving Together

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Let's make a change by giving together! 


For every set of holiday gift labels sold, the H&M Conscious Foundation will donate DOUBLE the sale price to CARE! The money raised during this holiday campaign through your purchase will go to a project that will empower women entrepreneurs and workers from low-income urban communities in Ethiopia to reach their full potential.

In this project CARE helps women develop business opportunities to generate income, gain power and enhance self-esteem. The project includes women-owned enterprises that deliver support services such as child care, health care and catering. These services will enable other women to start their own enterprises while still assuming family responsibilities, thus creating a positive and growing cycle of change where women help empower other women. Empowered women contribute a great deal to the prosperity, health and happiness of their communities and to a more promising future for the next generation.

Buy the gift labels at H&M and make a change!

This promotion is sponsored by H&M Hennes & Maurtiz GBC AB Mäster Samuelsgatan 46 A, 106 38 Stockholm, Sweden (“GBC AB”) and H&M Conscious Foundation C/o Ramsbury Property, Box 1421, 111 84 Stockholm, Sweden (“Foundation”). For each specially marked product sold by the GBC AB, the Foundation will donate 3.90, which is double the retail price, to CARE for its general charitable purposes. No part of your payment is tax deductible. Registration by CARE or H&M with any state regulatory agency does not imply endorsement.