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CARE is partnering with Students Rebuild, a program of the Bezos Family Foundation, to empower young people to promote peace and understanding in their communities and across the globe. Through the Facing Difference Challenge, young people have the opportunity to reflect and take action, and those actions release funding to important peacebuilding programs around the world.


Participation in the Facing Difference Challenge is simple and meaningful: Reflect on your unique experiences, culture, ethnicity, language, and personality, and how they make you special by creating a self-portrait that reflects your sense of identity. Each portrait submitted generates funding from the Bezos Family Foundation—up to $600,000—to support programs run by CARE and Search for Common Ground, helping youth on different sides of conflict build peace and understanding.

"Building understanding among youth is necessary for peacebuilding in communities with long histories of conflict and civil war," said Michelle Nunn, President and CEO of CARE. "Through support from the Facing Difference Challenge, CARE will create community youth clubs and conferences where young people from different ethnic backgrounds have the opportunity to learn from one another and cross lines of division."


South Caucasus: In the South Caucasus region of Eastern Europe, CARE is working to build understanding among youth that are living in a communities with a long history of conflict and civil war. Through this Challenge, CARE will create community youth clubs and youth conferences where boys and girls from different ethnic backgrounds will have the opportunity to learn from one another and cross lines of division. Youth will also be able to receive small scale grants for peacebuilding initiatives in their neighborhoods.

Sri Lanka: After a 30-year civil war, there is a need in Sri Lanka to help youth from post-war communities move past the divisions that still remain between different religious and ethnic groups.  The Challenge will enable CARE to bring together boys and girls who are separated by ethnicity & geography to participate in the YOUth Create program where performing & visual arts are used to heal post-war divisions, promote diversity and build understanding. You can watch a video about this project here.


Watch now: Aska and Nino's Story


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