Becoming a Responsible Brother

Becoming a Responsible Brother

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A resident of Manhari VDC, Makwanpur, 16-year old Yogendra GC’s mother has been working in a Gulf country for a few years now and life for him and his 13-year old little sister has been tough. “My father has abandoned us and married someone else, that is why our mother had to find foreign employment to take care of us,” shares Yogendra. Their mother has been sending money so that Yogendra and his little sister can continue their studies and have a comfortable life. However until not too long ago, while he went to study (he is in 11th grade), his sister looked after the house.

“When my mother left, she gave all the responsibility of the house to my little sister because of which my sister used to wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night to do household chores”, he says. Because of this she was unable to give time to her studies as well. But when Yogendra received training on men engagement from the Shubha Yatra project, he had a revelation as to how wrong his behavior had been towards his sister.

“The session on gender roles during the training really opened my eyes. That day I went back home and started to help my sister around the house,” he shares.

After a long time, I saw happiness in my sister’s eyes. -Yogendra

Now he makes sure his sister also sits down to study with him so that her studies is not hampered. “I feel that it is my responsibility to help my sister around the house and in her studies so that she could have a better life as well,” Yogendra rightfully concludes with a smile.

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