Afternoon 1 Coming to a Close


Real quick – I forgot to tell you something exciting about Day 1 of the CARE Conference. My first year, 2007, I noticed that there weren”t many Black women here and I really, really was concerned about that. I know so many Black women that are concerned about poverty, and CARE is an organization about women, so why weren”t they here? I sought out to change that.

And, although it had nothing to do with me – this year, I am happy to report that this year the number of Black women here has increased dramatically and that has a lot to do with the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority who came deep this year! Yeah!

So back to the actual conference, I want to tell you about this awesome session I attended which included Humanitarian Workers from Peru, Kenya, Bangladesh and Bolivia. They were astounding telling us about CARE”s work on the ground with the local community and also telling us how important our work is here at the Conference and Capitol Hill tomorrow.

I admit that I wanted to run up and tell them that I want to do more and I”ll go back to their countries tomorrow and directly help – but I didn”t. Instead, I contained myself and realized the importance of what I am doing here affects what they do there, and I am right where I need to be – in DC, letting my politicians know.

Our group had a great meeting, did some role play and had some yummy dinner.

Okay, gotta run – Michael Franti (heart) is playing and Richard Gere is about to get an award, and an African group is about to step it out on stage! More importantly, the ’˜I AM POWERFUL” award is about to be presented to Anulfa Romero Cruz, who improved her community of Nicaragua by refining her skills in CARE”s maternal health program.

So much inspiration! Adios!

-Deesha Dyer