Awaiting arrivals without soup


Blog by Allen Clinton, CARE staff, currently on a Learning Tours trip to Kenya.

Helene, Admiral Fallon, congressional staff and others on the Learning Tours trip are about to land in Nairobi. As final information packets have been placed in folders for the delegates, we just sent a team to the airport to get them. There's been so much work put into this trip over the past few weeks, it's almost strange how fast we all know it will fly by when it happens. We're looking forward to getting the group together and getting underway.

At the hotel we are staying at here in Nairobi, I had to do a double take at one of the restaurant employees who at first (and even second and third glance) looks like the actor Don Cheadle. We took a photo with him. What do you think? When we (Sarah Lynch, who is overseeing the Learning Tours, our videographer Indra Palmer and I) sat down for dinner he asked us if we wanted soup. We said no. He replied: "No soup for you?" We all laughed out loud…memories of the famous Seinfeld Soup Nazi episode.

Awaiting arrivals without soup image 1

L to R: Indra Palmer, Don Cheadle look-alike, Allen Clinton, Sarah Lynch