Budget - UPDATE



Thank you to our CAN advocates who took part in the US Global Leadership Conference in July, and lobbied Congress to support robust funding for the FY13 International Affairs Budget! CAN advocates met with 18 offices on Capitol Hill, urging their Members of Congress to support critical funding for life-saving international development programs.

With lawmakers set to return home in August for a month of campaigning and party conventions, opportunities for any movement on the FY13 Appropriations Bills are unlikely before October 1, when the new fiscal year begins. However, the major budgetary issues that will confront Congress through the end of the year remain daunting.


Decisions made during the four remaining months of the 112th Congress – such as the need to resolve the nearly $4 billion (7.7%) gap between House and Senate FY13 Appropriations funding levels – will have a significant impact on the International Affairs Budget. It”s not too late to take action!

Contact your Field Representative today to learn how you can continue to encourage Congress to support funding for these life-saving programs through the August recess.