CARE Staff Profile: Dana Sabri Al-Kanash, Case Manager in Azraq


Dana Sabri Al-Kanash, 23, works for CARE as a case manager in Azraq refugee camp.Her job is to receive Syrian refugees in an office at CARE’s community center, talk to them about any problems they have, find solutions or refer them to the proper services. The case manager is the one person refugees can ask about anything.

Dana and the other CARE case managers have prepared well for this difficult job.

“We have had a lot of training. We have done simulations with role plays for several months, and we have experience from working with refugees living in the nearby city of Azraq. We had some difficult cases in there. I remember one very poor refugee in particular. He had lost his wife and daughter and had come with his young son. It was very hard. He is someone I still remember. We managed to help him – even though it meant staying late at work.”

She brings one important lesson from Azraq.

“Always be calm and understanding. Don’t get worked up if someone is angry. Understand that they are in a very difficult situation,” she explains. 

Dana grew up in Amman. She has a degree in English literature from the Hashemite University in Amman. She worked in a shipping company in in other administrative jobs before coming to CARE in August 2013. 

“When the Syrian refugee crisis started I wanted to do something that felt more meaningful, helpful and important. I was lucky to get this job with CARE as a case manager, which means meeting with refugees, getting to understand their problems and finding solutions. In order to do that, we have to get very personal with them and establish trust.”

Written by Anders Nordstoga, CARE Communications Officer

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