Confirmation Hearings and CARE”s Priority Issues


Following last week”s Senate confirmation for Susan Rice as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nation”s and Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the 67th Secretary of State, Deputy Secretary of the State Department, Jack Lew appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for his confirmation hearing on January 22nd. CARE staff submitted questions to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Member, Senator Johnny Isakson, for consideration during the hearing. Of interest during the hearing, Jack Lew discussed how he will work to expand USAID and the State Department capacities to meet current challenges, along with the need for coordination of foreign assistance programs. Mr. Lew pledged his support, along with Secretary Clinton and President Obama for “development and good governance, and our role in defending human rights and alleviating suffering in the world.’ Mr. Lew went on to state, “And I think that we”re going to have to [work] quickly, if confirmed, where the development of this budget is going and fairly quickly reach a determination of what we do with the resources that are there and how much additional we need in order to be the kind of partner that we should be in parts of the world where our absence or – or our diminished presence is really very shortsighted.’ On the disbursement and coordination of aid Mr. Lew said, “Across our foreign assistance programs we must use our resources effectively and efficiently: work collaboratively within and across agencies to reduce any overlap and to ensure that we have clear objectives for each initiative and leverage the resources of international organizations, allies, corporations, foundations, and NGOs to maximize our impact.’