The Courage to Speak Up


CARE works with women around the world to help them claim their rights, including the right to have a say in their lives.  In recent research CARE did focusing on Women’s Participation in the Arab Spring, brave women throughout the Middle East and North Africa told CARE their stories of courage.

A woman activist for women’s rights in Morocco told CARE: “We want real, radical change: a civil state, a democratic regime, a real popular constitution. We want good education and a good system of justice. Stop arresting people for their ideas and have equality between the sexes in all fields. […] My grandma, every time I meet her, she says don’t protest, you will go to jail, they will beat you. But I’m not afraid. I really believe in it. If I don’t do this, no one will do this for me.”

“To join the protests on Friday mornings and pray Al Juma’a with other women, I had to take shortcut routes by walking through rugged mountains every Thursday night. After what I had done, no force on earth dares to neglect me.” A woman who lives in a remote rural village in Ibb, Yemen.