Dead to Red Race: Meet the Team


On March 13, the three year anniversary of the crisis in Syria, a CARE team of 10 will run the famous “Dead to Red” run from one sea to the other in Jordan to raise awareness and funds for the plight of millions of Syrian refugees.

The CARE team consists of CARE staff from Jordan, Lebanon and Kenya -- and Syrian refugees, who volunteer in CARE’s urban refugee centers. They will run 150 miles from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, starting from the Wadi Moujeb Bridge on the shores of the Dead Sea, climbing 1,755 feet as they wind through the Wadi Araba desert and then descending to the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea. 

Meet CARE's team!

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Meet Maram

Maram, 21, fled her home town in Damascus three months ago. She used to study economics and administration. In Jordan, she lives with her parents and her three siblings and volunteers in CARE’s refugee center in Amman. She wants to run the marathon because she does not want the world to forget about the Syrian people. Find out more about Maram and why she's running in her blog post >

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Meet Omram

Omram, 24, is a law graduate from Damascus University. He fled the war in Syria with his two brothers, after his mother was killed by a sniper while she was carrying his injured sister to the hospital. He is volunteering for CARE because he wants to put a smile on the face of his fellow refugees. He is going the distance so no more sons have to lose their mothers. Read Omram's story, "I Run For My Mother's Soul" >

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Meet Amal

Amal, 28, grew up in Yarmouk Camp in Damascus for Palestinian refugees. She used to be an English teacher. Before her school was destroyed, she invented funny stories during the bombings, so the young students would not be so afraid. She wants to run from the Dead to the Red Sea because she wants Syrian children to be able to go back to school. Read Amal's story, "My Students Will Keep Me Running" >

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Meet Mousab

Mousab, 34, was a graphic designer in Homs before he had to flee his home country Syria two years ago. Mousab is volunteering for CARE in Amman, supporting fellow refugees and trying to ease their pain. Mousab is a marathon trainer and loves sports. This time, however, he is running so his voice and his worries for Syria can be heard throughout the world.

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Meet Reshma

Reshma has been working for CARE in Kenya for the past four years, where she leads CARE’s Women and Girls Global Project (that spans 10 countries, including Jordan). In Dadaab, the world’s biggest refugee camp, she works with refugees from Somalia and she is bringing letters written by them to their Syrian brothers and sisters in Jordan, so they do not feel so alone. Learn more about Reshma and some of the refugees who she'll have in mind during the run >

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Meet Alexandra

Alexandra, 35, joined CARE Lebanon as Deputy Country Director a few months ago. She left her home country Portugal many years ago and has been working in the humanitarian field all over the world. Alexandra is a passionate runner and loves challenges. She wants to contribute to raising awareness for the Syria crisis and the suffering and plight of millions of people. Learn more about Alexandra and her visits to Syria in her blog entry, "You Are Not Alone" >

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Meet Amber

Amber, 33, is from Los Angeles and has worked for CARE since February 2012. She is responsible for the coordination of CARE’s urban refugee centers in Amman and Zarqa as well as for the psychosocial activities in all four of CARE’s refugee centers in Jordan. Amber has lived and worked in Syria since the beginning crisis in 2011. Many of her dear friends have been affected by the crisis. She is running the marathon for them, and for the inspiring Syrians she meet on a daily basis in Jordan.

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Meet Saif

Saif, 27, organizes and leads the psychosocial activities of CARE’s Syria emergency response. Before joining CARE Jordan, he worked and volunteered for different organizations. By profession, Saif is a graphic designer. He runs for Syrian refugees because he knows how much people can achieve if they join forces to change the world to a better place. Read Saif's story, "Step by Step for the Invisible Wounds" >

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Meet Johanna

Johanna, 28, has been working with CARE Germany for more than three years. Since October, she has been based in Amman, working as the Regional Emergency Communications Officer for the Syria crisis. Although she always liked to run, the race ahead of her will be the longest she has ever participated in. She wishes that the world gives more attention to Syrian refugees, and perhaps even a small donation, so they do not feel so alone. She wants to make people aware of this silent, stealthy catastrophe that is happening around her. Find out more about Johanna, and the whole CARE team, in her blog post about why the team is running >

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Meet Omar

Omar is a volunteer at CARE's refugee centers in Aaman. He runs for all of the youth affected by the Syrian crisis.

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Meet Ali

Ali, 27, was born a refugee. He is Palestinian-Syrian from Yarmouk Camp in Damascus. When the Syria crisis started, he fled to Lebanon with his family. Ali is an engineer, but now works as a volunteer for CARE’s partner organization DPNA. While he isn't able to join the race due to a last minute conflict, he offers the team his encouragement and support. “All of my friends, my entire history and my memory are in Syria. Syria is inside me filling my body, my heart and my longings. I am Syria.”


Join us!

While you may not be in Jordan in March, there are other ways you can support the team and CARE’s work: