Get Ready to Blog about Climate Change - Blog Action Day Is October 15


Blog Action Day is coming up soon on October 15 and thousands of bloggers will unite to raise awareness of a timely and critical issue: climate change. CARE is encouraging all the bloggers in our network to participate in this event by writing about CARE'sclimatechangework.

Last year, more than 12,000 bloggers participated in Blog Action Day by writing about global poverty, collectively reaching an audience of more than 13 million readers.

We hope to achieve similar success in spreading the message about climate change; in particular, CARE would like your help to raise awareness of the human face of climate change – the fact that our changing climate disproportionately affects the world”s poorest communities (especially women).

Global climate change isn”t *just* about melting ice caps. The world is experiencing floods, droughts and cyclones with intensity and frequency never before recorded in human history.

What does this mean for the world”s 1.4 billion people who subsist on a little more than a dollar a day? They are likely hungrier, sicker and poorer because of climate change. Families are losing their crops, homes and livelihoods.

We hope you”ll jump on this unparalleled opportunity to join together to produce a groundswell of awareness about one of the most important issues of our time.

And the timing couldn”t be better. Blog Action Day 2009 falls just a little over a week before the International Day of Climate Change, and not long before the critical Copenhagen negotiations in December. Your participation will make a huge difference!

In thinking about how climate change affects the world”s poor, and especially women, please consider the following:

:: In some of the poorest African countries, climate change may reduce harvests by as much as 50 percent by 2020. Women”s groups formed with CARE”s support are learning to farm more efficiently. CARE also helps women diversify their incomes so they can earn a living despite our changing climate. As a blogger, you can encourage your readers to support CARE”s economic development programs to help communities become more self-sufficient.

    :: More women are injured or killed during hurricanes, floods and cyclones. They are less likely to hear official warnings and to be able to swim or to escape quickly, especially if carrying young children.

      :: Climate change is expected to make weather crises, such as droughts, floods and storms, more common and more severe. People in extreme poverty, especially in Africa, Central and South Asia, and Southeast Asia, will face even greater risk of disaster as the frequency, intensity and duration of weather-related hazards increase. Encourage your friends and family to visit to learn more about how climate change is causing large scale flooding in developing regions and even impacting large-scale migration patterns.

        :: In countries where climate change is causing a decline in rainfall and glacier loss, it is increasingly difficult to meet basic water needs. Your blog can encourage readers to make a donation to help CARE assist communities develop dependable water sources and make better use of scarce water resources.

        :: Climate change will increase health risks. Projected trends include increased malnutrition, increased morbidity and mortality in heat waves and weather-related disasters, and changes in the geographic range of some infectious disease vectors like malaria. Let your readers know that a $10 donation could provide a family with mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

          :: CARE”s comprehensive approach to fighting poverty helps women and their families withstand shocks to their livelihoods. Quality education, proper health care and economic opportunity all strengthen families against the threats posed by climate change.

            :: We have an opportunity right now to impact the global response to this growing threat. On December 7, representatives from 192 nations will meet in Copenhagen to reach an international deal on climate change and the U.S. Congress is deliberating legislation that could include increased support to help poor communities adapt to extreme changes in weather patterns. In your blog post, you could urge your readers to go to and urge their senators to take decisive action.

              The injustice of climate change is that the people often least responsible for the problem are suffering tremendously from its deadly consequences. Help CARE address this injustice by spreading the word about the human face of climate change.

              To learn more about CARE”s climate change work, why it matters and what we”re asking legislators to do, please visit There you”ll find stories, data and multimedia resources you can use to develop your blog posts.

              To learn more about participating in Blog Action Day, visit

              Thank you!