Helping Children Reach Their Fifth Birthdays and Beyond


In the poor Bangladeshi village of Kawabadha,
a shy little girl named Morsheda recently turned five years old. At her party,
Morsheda sang and danced with her friends and family and feasted on a
traditional dessert made of rice and sugar. Unfortunately, Morsheda”s fifth
birthday celebration was an event many children around the world will never

CARE”s latest video features Morsheda”s story and how
a massive-yet-innovative program called SHOUHARDO is not only helping children
such as Morsheda reach their fifth birthdays but also ensuring they grow
healthier, and in many cases, taller.

Over the last 50 years, child mortality has been reduced by
70 percent. However, more than 7 million children will die this year before
they reach their 5th birthday.
These conditions are often worsened by the chronic malnutrition
and food shortages, challenges that Morsheda”s family faced. USAID has launched a public campaign called “Every Child
Deserves a 5th Birthday’
to help raise awareness and end these
avoidable child deaths.

Morsheda is one of more than 2 million people who have
benefitted from CARE's SHOUHARDO program, a partnership with USAID and the government of Bangladesh. Morsheda”s family calls her a “nutrition baby’
because her mother Hanufa received nutritious food while she was pregnant until
Morsheda was two years old. More importantly, Hanufa actively participated in
the many health groups that enhanced her understanding of her rights as a woman
and educated her on proper childcare.

To watch the full video, click here.