Make a Powerful Noise on International Women's Day


On March 5, I”ll be attending APNLive, a one-night event being held at hundreds of theaters across the U.S. in celebration of international women”s day. I”ll be at the Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24 event and hope you will join me.

We”ll be watching the film “APowerfulNoise’ and participating in a live town hall discussion with panelists Madeleine Albright, Natalie Portman, Nicholas Kristof, Christy Turlington Burns and Helene Gayle. Can you imagine – being able to discuss women”s empowerment and fighting poverty with the likes of them?

The film follows three amazing
women who try to build something to keep their spirits from breaking
and nurture those around them who desperately need their help. One of
the film”s main characters, Jacqueline Dembele of Mali, also known as
Madame Urbain, holds a special place in my heart. Her father defied
local custom and made sure she was educated. Dembele now fights for
education for girls in a country where forced marriage and female
genital mutilation are practiced. She establishes small schools for rural women who are often drawn into prostitution or servitude. She is so dedicated to the cause, she even insisted on still speaking at a conference while fighting a bout of malaria.

Women around the world are working hard to make a difference for the
women and girls in their communities ’” many of them dealing with the
same issues they”re confronting. One woman I met feared that her
daughter would be circumcised while she was away. Another woman, who
worked as HIV/AIDS coordinator in Zambia, was taking care of four more
children in addition to her
own three, after losing several siblings to AIDS.

We can all make a difference by learning about the issues and getting
involved. Help me make a difference by attending APN Live and joining the APN Live Tweet-a-thon! Thirty percent of APN Live ticket costs will go to CARE”s poverty fighting programs. And by tweeting "#apowerfulnoise" today thru March 5, CARE will receive $.10 per tweet for fighting global poverty. Tickets have sold out at several theaters, so be sure to buy yours soon!