Midterm Election: Every new Congress brings hope for positive change

Midterm Election: Every new Congress brings hope for positive change

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Michelle Nunn

Congratulations to all of the Representatives and Senators who will soon take their places in the 116th Congress. Having run for office myself, I know what an extraordinary commitment it is to put yourself into the public arena. It was particularly exciting to see the wave of victorious women candidates!

We see everywhere around the world, the importance of both America’s foreign policy and our democratic example. It is critical that America uphold the values of human rights, a vibrant and dynamic media, and tolerant leadership – not only in our international affairs but in our own practice and example. And it is so important that our own elections embody fairness, due process, and the inclusion of every vote.

CARE, and our hundreds of thousands of citizen advocates and supporters, look forward to working with the new Congressional leadership to maintain its bipartisan support for life-saving foreign assistance. This is less than 1% of the budget, but the return on investment is tremendous. Fighting poverty, malnutrition, and disease while investing in women’s economic empowerment, education, community health, and smallholder farming not only saves lives, but leads to a safer, more equitable, and more prosperous world. And that benefits all of us.

Every new Congress brings hope for positive change. There is a real opportunity for us to continue to make meaningful progress in overcoming poverty. But there are also great challenges before us, including an unprecedented global refugee crisis. It will be critical that the 116th Congress brings great creativity and compassion to its work, investing in a robust international assistance program and continuing America’s long history of humanitarian leadership.