Nepal: Six Months After the Earthquake, Constructing New Shelter


Mirsi B.K from Mulpani village received various items including a hygiene kit, iron sheets and vegetable seeds from CARE. She plans to demolish her house and make a new one from the iron sheeting she received from CARE. 

Mirsi B.K left her home at nine in the morning to purchase grocery items for her family on 25th April 2015. She was enjoying the beautiful landscape as she was walking down the hill to the market in Mulpani village in Dhading district. It took her almost 2 hours to reach the market from her house as she had to walk all the way. By noon she was almost done purchasing rice and lentils for her family. Just as she was about to head back home she heard a loud noise and felt that the ground was vibrating.

“Initially I thought that a helicopter had crashed somewhere near, but then I heard people shouting and running. I realized that there was an earthquake. As I was about to run, blocks of stone fell just in front of me,” she says.

“I started to think about my family. I was very worried as everyone in my family was at home. I started taking long steps towards my house. After walking back another two hours, I finally reached home.

For a week we lived under a temporary shelter made from an old tarpaulin we found. I am very thankful that I am able to see my family. I have two grandchildren, who go to school. Thankfully, the school was off that day. Otherwise my grandchildren would have died,” adds Mirsi whose house was badly damaged; she lost essential belongings like food, utensils and clothes.

There are hundreds of people in Mulpani who share similar experiences and problems as Mirsi. Most of the houses have collapsed or have been damaged including the only school in the village.

“We are planning to demolish our old house house and make a new one from the iron sheeting (CGI) provided by CARE,” says Mirsi. 

“From the CGI we received from CARE we want to make two rooms in our new house so that we have a separate room for storing our food. Our house is very weak and we suspect that it might fall anytime. We will at least have a roof over our head after we demolish our old house. This is going to be a very difficult year for us as we have to harvest our crops, demolish our house and make a new one,”she says.

Mirsi and her family also received packet of seeds and hygiene kits from CARE. Almost every household in the village have received CGI sheets, hygiene kits and seeds.

As Mirsi prepares her field to plant millets seeds, she says “we will plant the vegetable seeds provided by CARE as soon as we finish harvesting millets from our field. I am very thankful to CARE for providing us all the necessary items to sustain our lives.”