The Next Step...


$0With renewed enthusiasm and support, American voters have asked for change. Elected officials from all political parties will come together soon to deliver on the hopes and dreams of their constituents, and allocating government funds is sure to be at the forefront of debate.$0
$0This year, President-Elect Obama will write his first budget proposal for Congress and set the tone for his administration. While recent progress has been made to place increased emphasis on fighting poverty, and the president-elect has been supportive, more can be done. Takeactionnowto make sure the United States continues to do its part!$0
$0Right now, the president-elect and his administration are preparing the fiscal year 2010 federal budget, which will be presented before Congress in the new year. Now is the time to voice your support for programs that make a difference in the lives of poor communities around the world. Weneedyourhelptoensurethatvitalhumanitariananddevelopmentprograms,whicharecriticalinthefightagainstglobalpoverty,areadequatelyfundedWe need your help to ensure that vital humanitarian and development programs, which are critical in the fight against global poverty, are adequately funded.$0
$0Letters are currently circulating in the HouseHouse and SenateSenate calling on President-Elect Obama to request a robust international affairs budget. PleasesendamessagetoyourrepresentativeandsenatorstodayPlease send a message to your representative and senators today, urging them to add their names to this important letter.$0
$0Your action will send a strong message to your elected officials that their constituents support investments in poverty-fighting humanitarian and development assistance. Please,contactyourlegislatorstodayandaskthemtosupportfundingforthesecriticalprograms.Please, contact your legislators today and ask them to support funding for these critical programs.$0
$0Thank you for standing with CARE.$0