One Love


I was at a book store a few years ago when I came across an agenda book with various faces of women and children from all over the world. I took each of those pictures and placed them on my wall. When people come over and ask me what is the story behind the pictures, I tell them that these people are a part of my family. I went to purchase an agenda book the other day. I was looking for yours. I didn't find it. I went home and found your e mail address in hopes of being able to order an agenda book. It was only then that I realized that what I had was not just an agenda book. I have traveled many places, seen many faces and broken bread with all walks of life. I not only care about my people here in the United States; but I care about my people all over the world. Especially women. You see, I grew up in poverty. My mother was a battered wife for many, many years. I do believe we as a unit, on the same accord can will and have over come.