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The Rescuers of Koygourou image 1

The Rescuers of Koygourou

By Ibrahim Niandou, 31 August 2012

Haoua Daouda, membre de MMD et cliente de la banque de céréales de Koygourou. © 2012 CARE/ Niandou Ibrahim

"I can assure you that Read More

Mali Food Crisis Blog #3: Visiting Swala image 1

Mali Food Crisis Blog #3: Visiting Swala

By Marie-Eve Bertrand, CARE Canada

Although they are hungry and in the midst of a food crisis, the Malians welcomed CARE with calabas filled with baobab leaves, wild grapes and Read More

Sahel Crisis: Updated numbers


Today, 18.7 million people are affected by the crisis, more than 1.1 million people are suffering from severe malnutrition and an Read More

Away From Home image 1

Away From Home

By Marie-Eve Bertrand

Swala, in Djenne region.A group of women waiting for the food distribution.Photo credit: © 2012 CARE/Marie-Eve Bertrand

They plundered her village. Read More

One Year On: Food insecurity and conflict still a threat for the Horn of Africa   image 1

One Year On: Food insecurity and conflict still a threat for the Horn of Africa

'Let's Not Make the Same Mistakes Again'
An open letter from the Horn of Africa to the Sahel region

In advance of expected rains Fatima Read More
The Women of Koundougou image 1

The Women of Koundougou

By Marie-Eve Bertrand

Koundougou, Mali. Bilta and Hawa have joined their village committe 3 months ago. It is a first for the village. They are thankful for Read More
Sahelians in the London Olympics image 1

Sahelians in the London Olympics

Girl at a water pump repaired by CARE in a village in eastern Chad. Even in these harsh times of crisis, the people of the Sahel are finding hope. Photo: Brendan Bannon

At CARE we Read More

Profile: Khadija image 1

Profile: Khadija

June 18, 2012

By Rodrigo Ordóñez

A member of staff (right) checks registration cards during a distribution of food in the village of Warshika, in eastern Read More

On an empty stomach, there is no day after tomorrow

By Rodrigo Ordóñez

'If we have nothing to eat, after a while we will die." The words of Hasta Abdelkarim, 46, are remarkably strong. A visitor asks her if she is afraid of dying. 'Yes. Read More


Helping Malian refugees in Niger

With well over one-third of its 17 million citizens in need of emergency food assistance, Niger is a less-than-ideal place to flee to safety and relief. Nevertheless, that's exactly what more than Read More