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Suffering in Silence – Ten Most Underreported Humanitarian Crises in 2017

Natural disasters and conflicts make headlines — yet with the highest number of refugees since World War II and with an uptick and intensification of natural disasters in the past years, many Read More


Peru: Coming together to improve Nutrition

It was a perfect April morning in Puno, Peru, sunshine covering every inch of earth in sight. Standing atop a hill in a small district of Huancané, I took it all in. Encircled by indigenous women Read More

My visit with CARE Peru Part 2: Guayacondo image 1

My visit with CARE Peru Part 2: Guayacondo

By Amy Brenneman

In December, actress Amy Brenneman traveled to Peru with her family and CARE to visit the women and families benefitting from CARE's maternal and child health and child Read More