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Today, I met Rosette

Story and photo by Marie-Eve Bertrand, CARE Haiti
November 11, 2010

The sun is shining, dogs are barking and the wind is blowing. This could be a normal day in Gonaïves. But it' Read More

CARE visits Haitian town flooded by hurricane image 1

CARE visits Haitian town flooded by hurricane

by Marie-Eve
Bertrand, CARE Haiti Emergency Team

09:00, Nov. 6, 2010

Saturday was a busy day for CARE's team. I spent the day with CARE teams Read More

Water's Open Door image 1

Water's Open Door

At Akodokodoi village in Northern Uganda, the tree divides us. On one side, we the project staff from CARE and partner organizations sit on short wooden folding chairs, forming a loose circle Read More


From the Big Easy to the Big Apple

From the Big Easy to the Big Apple:Local to Global Impacts of Climate Change

I just arrived in Read More


World Humanitarian Day Blog: Ten Years with CARE

By Anu John, Program Development Coordinator, Disaster Risk Reduction and Conflict
CARE Afghanistan
August 13, 2010

I have just Read More


A Voice from Nairobi

Posted by: Staci Dixon at 9:55AM EST on April
9, 2010

2002, I attended my first MicroCredit Summit in Cote d”Ivoire.
It consisted of a few Read More


Poverty and Climate Change - How You Can Help

by Dr. Helene Gayle, CARE president and CEO

Climate change has the potential to wipe out the last 25 years of development gains in some parts of the world. As the number of Read More


Womens Radio Network fundraiser for Haiti

Womens Radio Network,, has launched a fundraiser for CARE for Haiti.

It involves an online art auction and ongoing sales of women's art through an online art Read More


Before the earth quakes

We”ve seen the images, heard the statistics and given what monetary donations we can. We”ve spent nights on Read More

I Pledge Allegiance image 1

I Pledge Allegiance

by Rick Perera, CARE Emergency Media Officer in Haiti

Monday, January 25, 2010

You can handle a lot if you keep busy, but watch out when you get a chance to stop and think. On a Read More