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The Beauty of Dadaab image 1

The Beauty of Dadaab

by Niki Clark, CARE Emergency Media Officer in Kenya

September 2011

One of my "duties" as an emergency media officer here in the refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya, is to share Read More

“We have hope now.’ image 1

“We have hope now.’

by Niki Clark, Emergency Media Officer in Kenya

September 2011

When I told my family and friends that I was leaving for six weeks to work with CARE on temporary assignment in Read More

“Put Yourself in Their Shoes’ image 1

“Put Yourself in Their Shoes’

Interview with Michael Adams, Director of Operations for CARE”s Refugee Assistance Program in Dadaab
With an influx of almost 1,000 refugees per day, most of them Read More

A picture of strength and perspective amidst drought image 1

A picture of strength and perspective amidst drought

Daniel Seller, Program Quality and Accountability Advisor

August 12, 2011

I have just visited Balich Village in Garissa district, North Eastern Province of Kenya. Inhabitants Read More

“All that counts is to save human life’ image 1

“All that counts is to save human life’

Sandra Bulling, CI Communications Officer

July, 2011

In Borena in southern Ethiopia the last two rainy seasons have brought no water. The drought took one third of all Read More

“If we didn”t leave, we would die’ image 1

“If we didn”t leave, we would die’

July 20, 2011

Story of Shangara Hassan, a Somali woman who traveled to Dadaab refugee camp with her four children.

“I think I am twenty years old. I have four children Read More

Water's Open Door image 1

Water's Open Door

At Akodokodoi village in Northern Uganda, the tree divides us. On one side, we the project staff from CARE and partner organizations sit on short wooden folding chairs, forming a loose circle Read More


World renowned musician, Michael Franti, wrote about the CARE National Conference and Celebration on the Huffington post

Time for Passion and Strategy on Climate Change by Michael Franti

Ok, here's the deal. I remember reading Read More


Make a Powerful Noise on International Women's Day

On March 5, I”ll be attending APNLive, a one-night event being held at hundreds of theaters across the U.S. in celebration of international women”s day. I”ll be at the Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24 Read More


Somalia - It Happened Again

It happened yet again. This time it was on a Friday evening, just before the weekend. Usually, it happens around the holidays. Either right before or smack in the middle of it. Sometimes you Read More