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Little Man

by Rick Perera, Media
& Communications Officer
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Six Months to Copenhagen

The UN climate talks wrapped up today. These talks were the second of six lined up this year, with the goal of reaching a post-2012 global Read More


Double Lives

We are parents who hold our children on our lap while listening to conference calls about the latest developments in fighting Read More


A Crime against Hope

Blog by Rick Perera, Media Officer, CARE International in Pakistan:

ISLAMABAD – It”s become depressingly familiar: a tragic attack on civilians. Tuesday”s hotel bombing Read More


Words Matter

Words are pretty important at these UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany.Over the past nine days, my CARE colleagues and I have been meeting with negotiators in Bonnand Read More

Oh to be young again... image 1

Oh to be young again...


Oh to be young again…

When I first heard there were Read More


The Spirit of the Pakistani People

Blog by Thomas Schwarz of CARE Germany-Luxemburg, May 28, 2009:

It is about noon up here in the northwestern province, or maybe a little later. In one of the camps for displaced people we Read More


Thousands of People and a Baby

Blog by Thomas Schwarz of CARE Germany-Luxemburg
May 27, 2009

While travelling to places like Pakistan, I naturally meet many different people. All of them have their own Read More


A Call to Action for Negotiators at Bonn

Last night, CARE and UN University presented a jointreport on climate induced migration at the UN climate meetings in Read More


UN Climate Talks Begin in Bonn, Germany

Here we are in Bonn, Germany. So far, seven of us from CARE International have arrived, representing CARE Denmark, CARE Brazil, and CARE USA. Why are we here? Well, the Read More