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Yemen: The Forgotten War

by Daw Mohammed, CARE Yemen

On a warm night in late March 2015 at around 2am I was sleeping soundly when suddenly two deafening explosions awoke me with a jolt. The house shook and Read More


Nama’s story: Homeless in your own home

by Thana Faroq

Despite the constant bombings, fighting, hunger and other difficulties most Yemenis continue to stay on in their homeland. Just over 170,000 of the Read More


Yemen – The crisis the world forgot

Small talk can be difficult with someone who lives in Yemen.

Questions about family often turn to dead relatives.

Talk about a bad night’s sleep and you might find yourself in a Read More

Daw Mohammed, CARE Country Director in Yemen

Sleepless Nights in Yemen

Driving through the streets of Yemen’s capital of Sanaa, my heart is heavy and burdened. It was my first time returning to Yemen since the airstrikes began in March, and it is not the same country Read More

Crisis in West Bank and Gaza: A visit to Gaza image 1

Crisis in West Bank and Gaza: A visit to Gaza

By René Celaya, country director CARE West Bank and Gaza

Gaza City/Jerusalem, 18.08.2014: Last week, I visited CARE and our partners’ staff in Gaza. I believed the Read More


Marah Zahalka: Speed Sister

Meet Marah Zahalka from Jenin. She is a CARE sponsored member of the first all-women race car driving team in the Middle East. From an early age, Marah loved cars and driving fast. Now competing Read More


Temporary Forever

While the Gaza strip is currently facing some of the toughest challenges in the Palestinian territories, I”m writing my own very personal story. But it is also the story of 1.6 million Read More