Six Months to Copenhagen


The UN climate talks wrapped up today. These talks were the second of six lined up this year, with the goal of reaching a post-2012 global climate agreement by December in Copenhagen at the annual meeting of the Conference of Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change.

Based on this latest round of talks, it”s clear that the world community has a long way to go. There are still large areas of divergence on critical issues, such as emissions reductions targets and the scale and source of financing.

As we count down to Copenhagen, however, we remain cautiously hopeful that as the process moves forward and pressure builds, the almost 200 countries that are part of the Convention, including the U.S., will come together to sign a strong agreement in December – one that includes immediate, aggressive and scientifically sound emissions targets, robust adaptation funding for communities most vulnerable to climate change, and measures to protect the world”s forests as well as the livelihoods and rights of the people who depend on them.

We go home exhausted, but energized. Even with a relatively small team here, CARE was able to directly influence Parties” positions and make a difference in the negotiations. We did that by working in partnership with others, such as the Climate Action Network and the Accra Caucus.

Negotiators havea lot of work to do between now and December.But so dowe,as members of the world community. Wemust raise our voices and raise them hard, so that our leaders feel the pressureandcome toa strong post-2012 global climate agreement in Copenhagen.

The people with whom CARE works – the people who will be most affected by the negative consequences of climate change – deserve nothing less.

Tonya and Christina