Syria Refugee Crisis: Ricardo Garcia and the Flamenco Flow Play for Syrian Refugees in Jordan


“It brings joy to our lives, otherwise we would be very depressed”

On the 21st of May, the Spanish flamenco band Ricardo Garcia and the Flamenco Flow played for Syrian refugees and Jordanians in CARE’s community center in Zarqa, about 30 minutes from the capital Amman. “I wanted all my children to attend this concert and benefit from the good time they would have, but unfortunately some of them have school exams today,” says Intisar, a Syrian refugee and a volunteer with CARE in Jordan; “I was keen on my children to be here today because I wanted them to have fun, enjoy their time and fill it with happy memories that will help them forget the damage and war they saw in Syria.”


The band, which consists of Ricardo, guitarist and musical composer; José, cajon player (musical instrument); Fredric and Yasmina, both dancers, made the audience dance, tap and clap. “We try to be part of the community, not just do theaters and fancy shows, but to actually mingle with the community,” says Julie Gunn, the Manager and the Educational Specialist in the band. “Our idea is to share our music more widely than just with people who can afford to buy tickets. We experience the real contact with people and get together with them. This is how it is a two-way flow; because we also benefit from this experience a lot.”


Duha, a 12 year old Syrian refugee girl, was asked to join the dancers on stage and do the moves she had learned beforehand. “I loved the concert, I loved everything about it, especially the dancing which was amazing, and their smiles which I will never forget,” says Duha. “It is very important to have such events from time to time to entertain ourselves. Otherwise we would end up upset and depressed.”


“Once I was told about the concert I insisted on attending it because I love to see shows,” said Imran, a 13 year old Syrian refugee boy. “I had so much fun, I admired the flamenco a lot, and I even learned some moves,” says Imran. “I do believe it is very important and essential to have these kind of events on a regular basis; because it brings joy to our lives and teaches us new things.”

By Mahmoud Shabeeb

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