Syrian refugees in Jordan: Living in limbo


by Holly Frew, CARE USA

Life as a refugee is a life in waiting. They are safe from violence but their lives are on hold. They cannot legally work. Many try to make ends meet by sending their children to work informally instead of going to school. Many just want the freedom to work. One refugee shared, “all I want is the freedom to pursue my talents.”

A market with 100 shops is opening in Azraq Refugee Camp that will offer income opportunities for some refugees in the camp, but the large majority of refugees do not live in camps. CARE is providing vocational training to refugees to help them access jobs, but they must have the legal means to do so. At the London conference on Syria, international donors must help bordering countries like Jordan provide a better life for Syrian refugees. What they ultimately need is a hand-up not a hand-out.

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