Thinking of Climate Change


By Adotei Akwei

Thinking of Climate Change is not easy it sounds so big, so insurmountable, and it seems so far away. Here in the United States the idea that we are connected and impacted by global forces to that woman in the poor developing country who is already on the edge and for whom Climate Change spells a potential death knell- is a challenge. The historical bounty of this country has shaped our culture, expectations and sense of being part of the global community.

But Climate change is real, it will impact us here in the United States, droughts will most likely become more severe as will flooding and weather patterns will become less predictable. There is not much disagreement on that just as there is not much argument that the places that will be most impacted are the places that have the least ability to adapt and handle the negative consequences linked to food and health. There is also consensus that these same communities did not contribute to the problem.

The only disagreement is on mustering the political will to act and to act now.

The recent talks in Bangkok did not leave many people feeling confident about success in Copenhagen dues to unwillingness by all of the key players to make the necessary sacrifices now in order to avoid major negative consequences later.

There is a saying here in the United States “handsome is as handsome does’ in other words what you do is more important than what you say or look like. We claim to be sophisticated beings that have the ability to work together to, plan for the future and support each other. This claim is now facing a critical test, one which failure may mean a world few of us can or want to imagine.

“Handsome is as handsome does’ cutting our emissions, helping poor people survive and adapt what is already coming and protecting forests and the communities that depend on them. Helping ourselves.

Surely this cannot be beyond us