An Update on Jawad Harb in Gaza


After surviving the neighborhood”s fiercest bombardment to date, CARE local staffer and primary blogger in Gaza, Jawad Harb, sounded much better this morning. Following last night”s air strikes, the UN established a temporary camp a few hundred meters from his neighborhood, where residents can run during an air strike. Jawad and his family, including his six children and paralyzed 86-year-old grandfather, had been unable to find space in overflowing UN shelters, which received some 7,000 new displaced people last night alone.

The coordinates of this new temporary camp have been given to the Israeli army, so it is a "safe" location. And Jawad and his family have packed "go" bags of necessary items, ready to bolt to the camp if needed.

Last night”s air strikes commenced at about 10 p.m. and continued throughout the night, but were further away. Jawad, his family, and their neighbors chose to remain in their homes, both because the bombing was no longer nearby, and because the temperature had dropped
down to about 5
°C. They didn”t sleep all night, finally drifting off at about 5 a.m., only to be awakened again at 8 a.m.

Jawad will send
further updates and thanks everyone for their comments and support.

Jawad Harb is a Palestinian living in Rafah, Gaza, with his wife and six children. Harb has worked with CARE since 2002, managing a program supporting women's centers in Gaza. Since the conflict began Dec. 27, Harb's program has stopped operating because of the constant bombing.

CARE has unique access to first-hand information from Gaza and the West Bank, where our work includes programs in health, economic development, water and sanitation. We began providing aid in Israel and the Palestinian territories in 1949, concluding our programming in Israel in 1984 as the Israeli government improved its own capacity to address poverty.