Where The Rain Falls screens at Rio+20


Global leaders including government officials, NGO members, activists and business leaders are in Brazil this week for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, a.k.a. Rio+20.The nickname Rio+20 isn't just a Twitter-friendly contrivance. It's also a reference to the first UN Conference on Sustainable Development, which took place in Rio 20 years ago. Feliz aniversário.

In the Huffington Post last week, our London-based CARE colleague Kit Vaughan wrotethat since the first conference 20 years ago, global leaders have failed to promote sustainable economic growth in the world's poorest communities because they continue to pursue economic policies that promote environmental degradation. He urges conference attendees to acknowledge what he calls "the grave reality of the problems facing our one planet" and commit to sustainable economic development to alleviate poverty.

While they're in Rio, CARE's delegation is screening two short videos related to our Where The Rain Falls project. The videos and the entire project are powerful reminders that climate change isn't a theoretical thing that might happen in the future, but a real thing happening now to real people.

Save yourself a trip to Rio (it's winter there, after all!) and watch the video here:

You can follow Rio+20 on its official web siteand via countless news sites. The best one I've found is the Guardian's impressiveRio+20 portal. If you find good coverage or commentary, please share it.