CARE and Cargill combat food insecurity globally

CARE and Cargill combat food insecurity globally

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CARE has been partnering with Cargill, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, for more than 50 years to improve food and nutrition security by strengthening rural communities. Since 2013, we have improved the livelihoods of more than 300,000 people in Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India and Nicaragua. Our work together in Central America, Africa and Asia encompasses four core approaches:

  1. Increasing smallholder farmer productivity. We work with farmers to improve agricultural practices, services and access to inputs so they can increase the quantity and quality of production and improve resilience to climate change. We help farmer groups increase transparency and accountability through more effective leadership and financial systems.
  2. Connecting farmers to markets. We help farmers improve their financial and business skills so they can gain access to markets, improve the governance of farmer associations and cooperatives so they can more effectively advocate for farmers, and increase opportunities for value addition so farming communities retain more of the profit from their crops.
  3. Ensuring the food and nutrition security of communities. We support nutrition education, improve food diversity, preserve harvested crops and reduce food waste. We also help engage women micro entrepreneurs in value chains so they can improve food security for their families.
  4. Addressing issues of governance, child labor and education. We support well-governed, thriving communities by strengthening community associations so they are better able to address food security, nutrition and education, including increasing school attendance and reducing child labor.

What has been achieved so far?

Central America:

  • Reaching approximately 250,000 people in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica through the Nourishing the Future project – including resources for 100,000 farmers and nutrition education for 130,000 children and their families.
  • Engaging Cargill employee volunteers to help build school kitchens and gardens to ensure children have access to safe and nutritious food.
  • Training more than 1,500 farmers and women entrepreneurs about access to markets, business and financial management.
  • Building awareness of gender inequality and the importance of incorporating gender-sensitive plans into local agendas with more than 5,000 community leaders and group members.

Strengthening farmer livelihoods in Egypt by training:

  • More than 2,900 farmers to improve soybean yields by 36 percent and increase resilience to climate change.
  • More than 20 cooperative board members about the importance of women in agriculture.

Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire:

  • Working together on the Cargill Cocoa Promise to support nearly 9,000 smallholder cocoa farmers and their families in more than 120 communities.
  • Addressing critical needs such as nutrition, education, child labor awareness and prevention.
  • Establishing more than 130 village savings and loan programs to help families, especially women, improve their financial security.
  • Sharing insight on food and nutrition security with more than 5,500 community members and engaging more than 200 community health volunteers and nutrition advisors.


  • Improving access to education and nutrition information for more than 27,000 children – primarily girls.
  • Reducing childhood malnutrition in more than 300 villages in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Helping 13,000 women farmers increase yields by 23 percent and average profits by 64 percent.
  • Supporting 3,500 children with severe acute malnutrition by referring them to nutrition rehabilitation centers.

What’s next?

A new phase of partnership! With Cargill’s support, CARE engages communities to promote food and nutrition security and climate change resilience while advance sustainable agricultural practices through a new three-year phase of programming. PROSPER:  Promoting a Sustainable and Food Secure World, amplifies the success of eight years of previous programming and explores new opportunities to build a sustainable and food secure world. In geographies where we have established a strong partnership, including Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Central America and Egypt, we are using proven approaches to multiply our impact while expanding our partnership model in new geographies including Indonesia and Costa Rica. The program engages communities in key areas to foster gender equitable food security and nutrition by building the capacities of marginalized populations to prosper in constantly changing environments rather than exhausting resources to recover from unexpected shocks.