CARE Chef Testimonials

CARE Chef Advocate Testimonials







There's been a chef revolution. We went from not being allowed to leave our kitchens to television shows and talk shows to now going up to Capitol Hill. The most important part of the revolution is right now as food policy advocates. We do have a voice.

-Chef Spike Mendelsohn

Chefs can have an incredible impact. We don’t just change menus. We change minds.

-Chef Asha Gomez


I really feel like as a chef I have the ability to open those doors and to show people how relatable everybody is and how everyone really has the same goals and values under the wings of food…when it comes down to it, food unites us, food educates us, food brings us together.

-Chef Antonia Lofaso


Empowering women farmers is going to be the tipping point that ends hunger.

-Chef Cat Cora


Food is the one place where we allow differences, but it’s also the one place that we can see so many similarities.

-Chef Carla Hall


This experience in totality has been incredible for us. To see the food, where it comes from, where it grows and how it makes a trajectory to your plate has been intense.

-Chef Victor Albisu