CARE's Social Media Policy

CARE's Social Media Policy

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Thanks for reading our social media community guidelines! If you follow, "like" or connect with CARE on any social media spaces, this policy is for you! We love getting to know all of our supporters in social media spaces, but we want to set a few ground rules to make our community a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.

We view our social media communities as stimulating public forums for people interested in learning and talking about CARE’s work, and hope you do too! We value the opinions of all community members, and encourage you to share your thoughts, ask questions and communicate with each other.

To ensure our community remains a supportive and respectful environment for all of our members, we prohibit the following actions:

  • Posts promoting violence of any kind. We know that some of the topics and articles we post, especially regarding abuse of women and girls, are sensitive and can be infuriating! We recognize that these topics can be emotional, and may often elicit feelings of anger. However, we ask you to refrain from posting comments calling for violent solutions. At CARE, we support peaceful solutions to global poverty and injustice everywhere.
  • Posts with any sort of vulgarity or sensitive content. We want people of all ages and backgrounds to feel welcome in our communities. Therefore, we will remove any posts containing vulgarities or that portray violent media or content that may not be appropriate for a wide audience.
  • Posts that are disrespectful towards community members. Ok, we know you’re not always going to agree with each other. And that’s all part of having a healthy, stimulating dialogue. But, we want to make sure everyone’s respectful of each other’s opinions. If you disagree, just explain why in a respectful manner. Don’t name-call, attack or alienate someone else who is expressing their opinion – they have as much right to do so as you do!
  • Posts that spread false or inaccurate information. At CARE, we take our role of community moderator very seriously. It’s important that our channels remain a source of trusted information for our members, so we will remove any posts that promote false or inaccurate information.
  • Posts that disrespect the dignity of the people CARE serves. CARE seeks to be known everywhere for our unshakable commitment to the dignity of people. We will abide by this vision on our social networks.
  • Our hearts go out to everyone struggling in the United States and abroad, but please don’t ask us for financial support. We wish we could help everyone, but we just don’t have the resources to do so. CARE is not a funding agency, and therefore doesn’t provide financial support directly to individuals or organizations. Instead, CARE works in partnerships with governments, organizations and communities in developing countries to create lasting solutions to poverty.
  • Absolutely no spamming. We will remove posts promoting or linking to sites or services unrelated to CARE. We know social media is a great place to get the word out about new programs, products and services. But please, respect our community and stay on topic.
  • If you have something to say or a link that’s related to CARE’s work, one post is enough. Even if your post abides by the rest of these guidelines, we consider repeated posts a form of spamming. By dominating the space, this makes other members of our community feel intimidated or unwelcome.
  • If we see the aforementioned behaviors on our channels, we will remove the post immediately. Interpretations of banned activities are entirely up to CARE’s discretion. We also reserve the right to block violators from our spaces if we deem this necessary to preserve the integrity of our community.

If you’re on social media, you know how quickly things move online! Therefore, we reserve the right to modify and update our social media policy as needed. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about CARE’s social media communities.