CARE started working in Benin in 1999 and today is recognized for its education, gender-based violence, and microfinance interventions. Nearly half the population of Benin is under the age of 15, and one of the major challenges to be addressed is the improvement of the legal and political status of women in Benin. CARE conducted a study in 2009 and then designed, together with partners and participants, a strategy for the empowerment of women and girls. CARE Benin is currently working with partners to design new programs on maternal and reproductive health, food security, nutrition, and adaptation to climate change.

CARE Benin also oversees operations in neighbouring Togo, which began in 1986. Since then, CARE Togo has been involved in programs in health, water infrastructure, prevention of child trafficking, and capacity building for community organizations.

Our work in Benin and Togo focuses on:

  • education
  • gender-based violence
  • economic development
  • governance

Tekponon Jikuagou

Project Name: Tékponon Jikuagou (TJ)

Donor: USAID

Partners: Plan International, Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health

Duration: 2010-2015

Location: Benin



Project Name: HIN NOU VIVO! (translates to “wellbeing of the family”)

Donor: Pfizer Foundation

Partners: Benin Ministry of Health

Duration: 2016-2018

Location: Benin


CARE Cornell Impact Through Innovation Funds

Cornell University and CARE have established a strategic collaboration (CARE-Cornell) to advance sustainable food systems that strengthen the resilience of chronically food-insecure women and their families to fight hunger and a


CARE Cornell Research Partnership

Bringing together superb research capacities and an unparalleled global reach and depth of community relationships, CARE and Cornell University are working together in a new collaboration to create sustainable solutions targetin