South Africa

CARE has operated in South Africa since 1993 and Lesotho since 1968; the two offices merged in 2001. Despite the range of differences between these two countries, South Africa and Lesotho share many of the same causes and manifestations of poverty and inequality. In both contexts, high rates of HIV and AIDS and a lack of access to basic health care and education perpetuate cycles of underdevelopment. Youth and women disproportionately share the burden of disease, and lack food, education and livelihoods.

CARE works with communities and local organizations within South Africa and Lesotho to implement programs in the areas of health care and HIV & AIDS, economic empowerment, democratic governance and food security.


How to Make #MeToo a Truly Global Movement

Originally published by Time


The Plight and Promise in Southern Africa

Southern Africa is a source of great people, potential and possibility. It’s also right now a place of great challenge and uncertainty, as extreme weather conditions such as El Niño have produced a severe drought that threatens 40 million people.


CARE Mourns the Passing of Nelson Mandela

"One can rarely say with absolute confidence that an individual altered the course of human history. Yet without a doubt, Nelson Mandela changed his nation - and our entire world - for the better.