South Sudan

CARE has been operating in Southern Sudan since 1993, initially providing humanitarian relief to internally displaced people in Western Equatoria. The signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 allowed CARE to expand into Jonglei State and Upper Nile to target the returnees from the refugee camps. The Upper Nile is one of the areas most affected by the civil war with many displaced people and disrupted livelihoods.

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PHE Preparedness Initiative

Project Name: PHE Preparedness Initiative

Funder: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Timeframe: 2017-2022

Locations: Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan


The Brutal Reality of Sexual Violence Survivors in Refugee Settlements in Uganda

Jane* fled South Sudan for Uganda with her three sisters last year. Armed forces threatened her family and Jane’s parents sent their children away knowing their lives were in danger. It took them five days to reach Uganda’s Imvepi refugee settlement.


South Sudan to Uganda: Three girls in search of survival and school

In the heat of the day, Lillian, Scobia and Viola help each other carry large, heavy pieces of wood from a collection point to the temporary shelter they are trying to make into a home at Imvepi refugee settlement in Uganda.


How menstrual cups are helping build confidence among refugee girls in Uganda

Two bedsheets and two sets of clothes. That’s all 20-year-old Viola Jackline was able to take with her on her arduous two-week trek by foot from South Sudan to Uganda. Violence in South Sudan drove Viola, her three siblings and their grandmother from their home.