COVID-19 Updates from CARE

COVID-19 is a growing global pandemic that has implications for all of us here at home and for our fellow global citizens around the world. As some of CARE’s most important supporters and partners we want to ensure that you are first to know what CARE is doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Monday for the next five weeks we will update this webpage with a message from CARE’s CEO, Michelle Nunn, or a timely report from one of our humanitarian field teams working on the COVID-19 pandemic or an invitation to join us for a live conversation with CARE’s leadership.

CARE has activated a global response to COVID-19 – which threatens to overwhelm healthcare resources, particularly in countries with weak public health infrastructures. More urgently, in communities without access to clean water, proper nutrition, and/or the ability to adequately quarantine people who fall ill, we know that COVID-19 will spread more quickly than it has in Europe and in the United States. From distributing sanitation and hygiene kits to building water access in communities without it, CARE is on the frontlines of this crisis working to help prevent its spread and its toll on already vulnerable communities.

March 30

Update #3 with Michelle Nunn, Sheba Crocker, VP for Humanitarian Policy & Practice, and Deepmala Mahla, Regional Director for Asia

March 23

Update #2 with Michelle Nunn and Camille Davis, Director of Humanitarian Planning

March 16

An opening message from Michelle Nunn, CARE President and CEO