Letters of Hope - Renata to Duha

Letters of Hope - Renata to Duha

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Leading up to the five-year mark of the Syrian war, CARE invited a handful of former World War II refugees — original CARE Package recipients in 1940s Europe — to write letters of hope to Syrian refugee children. Some truly moving connections have emerged between people who, though separated by decades and distance, share so much.

Dear Duha,

I received your name from CARE who is a wonderful organization helping people in need all over the world.

When I was just 7 years old, having gone through World War II and having lost everything in the war, I started school with only a slate and chalk, as there was no paper or pencils for anyone. Then, one day, a big package arrived with the word CARE on it. It was sent from America and it contained, imagine, beautiful white paper and a pencil with an eraser and in addition, CARE also included cloth for my sisters and me.

The wonderful gesture left a tremendous impression upon me to a point that I told my mother, “When I grow up, I will go to America.” As you can see, I did come to America and a good life with a lot of hard work. I got married and have two wonderful children.

Now that CARE made such a life changing impression on a small child, I would like to give back to that wonderful organization and hope to help someone else achieve what they dream of.

I would like to get to know you and hope that I will be able to help you in a small way for you to achieve your goal. From what I understand, you would like to become a physician, which is commendable and takes many years of studying.

You are currently living in Jordan. The country is stable and I do hope that you have a chance to go to school???

Awaiting a reply from you hopefully soon so that we can really communicate and I can help you.

Best wishes,

Renate Senter

Special Delivery: Letters of Hope to Syrian Refugees by CARE USA on Exposure