Horn of Africa Hunger Crisis

In 2011, a catastrophic drought struck the Horn of Africa, affecting Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. A mass migration ensued. Cases of malnutrition skyrocketed, especially among children, and millions needed help. 


In Search of Shelter: Mapping the Effects of Climate Change on Human Migration and Displacement

Governments and other stakeholders are meeting in Bonn, Germany, from June 1-12, 2009 to decide what issues to include in the world's next climate change agreement which may be settled as early as December in Copenhagen.


The Human Costs of the Funding Shortfalls for the Dadaab Refugee Camps

The needs in Dadaab, which hosts more than 465,000 people, remain urgent, but humanitarian agencies do not have sufficient funds to provide essential services for the care and protection of encamped populations in 2012.


"One Year On, We Must Turn This Cycle Around"

Food insecurity and conflict still a threat for the Horn of Africa, Dadaab refugee camp running out of funding


Somalia Famine

CARE scales up response, urges donors to ease restrictions on aid delivery