CAN Advocate Betsy Noonen Reflects on Lifelong Memories from CARE Conferences

CAN Advocate Betsy Noonen Reflects on Lifelong Memories from CARE Conferences

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Betsy Noonen is a stay at home mom from San Jose, CA. Noonen has been active with the CARE Action Network since 2004 and has attended every CARE National Conference (NCC) since. CARE has served as an outlet for Noonen to stress her passion for girls' education in the developing world and putting an end child marriage.

Noonen was first introduced to CARE through her husband when they attended a CARE dinner party, which Noonen’s husband was invited to attend because he had recently named the organization as a beneficiary of his corporate team’s giving programs. At this dinner, Noonen was introduced to many staff from CARE's San Francisco office. As a result of her communications background, Thomas Reynolds, the Mission Director for CARE International Caucasus at Care USA, asked Noonen if she could offer public relations counsel to the organization.  From there, her participatory role in CARE greatly evolved.  

Betsy Noonen has been involved in many of CARE’s San Francisco Bay Area events and advocacy efforts, which lead to her attending a CARE National Conference, where she was inspired by a speech given by a then freshman Senator named Barack Obama.

When she’s not participating in the national conferences, Noonen keeps in touch with Senator Barbara Boxer's San Francisco office and helps to keep Boxer’s staff updated on CARE’s priority issues. Noonen also monitors Boxer’s priority areas and looks for connections with CARE’s work. Additionally, Noonen has written a Letter to the Editor on behalf of CARE and has hosted dinners in her private residence in support of CARE, including a recent event in which she hosted CARE Learning Tour alum Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) along with approximately 50 CARE advocates.

Betsy also enjoys participating in CARE’s lobbying events. One of her highlights from the 2013 Lobby Day was that she and her lobbying team witnessed a 90% success rate with getting Members of Congress to sign onto the letter on gender-based violence that was sent to Secretary of State, John Kerry. Noonen has even been able to share this compassion for CARE’s work with her family; this past year she was able to bring her 14-year-old son with her on a Lobby Day and hear him stand up and be a voice for the poor.

Betsy Noonen (2nd from left) lobbies Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA) at the 2013 CARE Conference and International Women's Day celebration.